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Win your share of our £500 Cheltenham Giveaway!

Win your share of our £500 Cheltenham Giveaway!
Friday,February 26,2016

The Greatest Show on Turf is now only a couple of weeks away - so close you can almost smell the Guinness from here - so it’s time to announced our plans for Cheltenham 2016.



Sadly we have recently been forced to suspend our brilliant daily cash racing pools on UK Racing by that notorious fun policeman Fred Done and his cohorts. When Fred - everyone’s least favourite Man U fan (there’s an achievement) - bought the Tote in 2011, the Government saw fit to grant him a complete monopoly over all forms of pools betting on Racing in the UK - just to protect the Tote pools. That means he can stop Fantasy Racing games if he wants too - and so he's taken his ball home in a huff. Hopefully we'll find a grown up somewhere to sort things out!



While that fight continues - more on that later - we refuse to let Cheltenham go by without allowing you guys to #betdifferent and jump in the pools, so we’re ADDING £500 to a series of freerolls to celebrate the greatest week of racing of the year.



We’re planning five freerolls; one every day of Cheltenham, starting Tuesday 15th March and continuing every day til Gold Cup day on Friday 18th March, plus an overall pool, but to get into these pools, you need to qualify.



How do we do that, I hear you ask. It’s simple - just win a prize in any pool between now and midnight on Monday 14th March, or Cheltenham Eve as we like to call it. Any prize, in any pool, it’s as simple as that! And because we like to reward winners, you can win as many entries into the freerolls as you want.



If you win one prize, you’ve qualified to enter one of the five freerolls; if you win five, you can play all five (or enter the same freeroll five times, or split them any way you want). If you win 25 prizes, first of all well done, and second of all, you have 25 freeroll entries to play with - enter each one five times, or split them as you see get the idea.



We will be ADDING the £100 prizepool, with no entry fee and no rake taken, all you have to do to be involved is qualify!



We’re bringing back our ever popular Pick 7 format for Cheltenham freerolls. If you’ve not played Pick 7 before, your job is to pick a horse in each race to score points for your ‘team’ of thoroughbreds. Of course if it was as simple as that, we’d all pick the favourite in each race and all have the same seven horses running for us.



To discourage that, our horse racing pools have multipliers, so favourite horses score less points for winning or placing in races than outsiders. With the i-pools scoring system, this means that you might earn more points for a horse with longer odds coming second than you would have got for selecting the odds on favourite that won the race. Points are awarded to the first three horses in each race: 100 to the winner; 50 to the runner up; 25 to 3rd.



In addition there are BONUS MULTIPLIERS for horses with longer starting prices:

- horses with an SP between 5/1 and 9/1 score double;

- horses with an SP between 10/1 and 19/1 score treble;

- horses priced 20/1 or more score four times the basic scores.



That means that if an odds on shot beats a 25/1 shot in a photo finish, you’d get 100 points for being on the jolly but would be better off on the runner-up, collecting 200 points (50 x 4) so pick carefully and don’t be afraid to look for the value in the field!



What’s not to like - we’re giving away FREE MONEY while you get to watch the Greatest Show on Turf. Get qualifying now!

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Sunday, March 6, 2016 17:41 PM
OK great, I was wondering how that was going to work.
Thursday, March 3, 2016 13:24 PM
Thanks BB - don't forget you get one entry for every prize you win all the way up to Day 1 :) We'll be posting updates on who has what entries regularly on the blog
Saturday, February 27, 2016 12:28 PM
Well done guys. Looking forward to Cheltenham.

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