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Saturday On The Sofa

Saturday On The Sofa
Saturday,April 30,2016

Alarm goes off - there’s nothing like World Championship semi-finals day, I love snooker. Up bright and early to watch Ronnie smash them all up, hopefully he’ll get Judd Trump in the final!


World Snooker - Who are these 4 shysters? Didn’t even know Alan McManus still played snooker! Wonder when Neil Foulds went out?


IPL - I’ve cracked these Pools. All you need to do is back the chasers to win every game. It’s a bit like that ITV gameshow without the Fanny Chmelar moments.



PGA Tour Golf - What could be better than watching the third round of whatever the latest PGA Tour event is? Correct. Watching the end of the IPL game.


Jump in the Footy Pools - It’s only taken til two weeks before the end of the season, but today all the footy starts at 3! Extra time to pick my Fantasy 5 a side team. I never even knew who Patrick van Aanholt played for at the start of this season - now he’s my favourite Sunderland player. Mind you, Kevin Phillips is my second fave.



Horse Racing - Punchestown starts early today! Proper guarantees on i-pools….and by proper I mean the kind they struggle to meet so I might win some added money!



Settle in with Jeff and the Boys - FFS why have I got a Sunderland defender in my team, Stoke three up by half-time.


2000 guineas - I think they should put horse racing on at half-time in every game, I can live without knowing the scores in the Scottish highland division cheers Jeff.



Arsenal v Norwich - Unfortunately for Newcastle and Sunderland fans, Arsenal’s superstars have decided to play this game in their flip-flops. Unfortunately for Norwich fans, they’ll still give your boys a good tonking even if Sanchez sets up a deckchair in midfield. If Wilshere gets on he’d probably like the idea of somewhere to sit while he takes a cigarette break anyway.




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