Pool Settlement

Pool Settlement

Once an Event has gone past its End Date and the answers are finalised, the Prizes will be paid out to winning players and the pool will move to the 'Settled Pools' section under the 'My Pools' tab.

In the 'Settled Pools' section, you can see your final ranking and total winnings in each of the pools you have entered. Clicking on the pool will take you through to the results page, where you can see the final leaderboard, your final points and compare them with others'.

We aim to settle all pools within 30 minutes of completion. Sometimes, where we are waiting for final results until a pool is completed, or if there is a considerable amount of results data to check, this may take longer. Pools that complete after 'office hours' will be settled the next morning.

We rely on data provided by OPTA Sports as the source of most of our results. If OPTA Sports does not provide the relevant data to settle a pool, we reserve the right to settle the pool as we see fit according public data we may choose to rely on. If you have any queries regarding settlements or believes an error may have been made, please get in touch with our helpdesk team. 

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