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Making Strictly Good Decisions

Making Strictly Good Decisions
Tuesday,November 24,2015
Whether you’re a secret sequin admirer or a henpecked hubby trying to keep her who must be obeyed happy, the Strictly Come Dancing Last Longests at i-Pools certainly make the Saturday night spectacular more enjoyable. So far this series it’s been pretty easy to keep yourself in with a chance of winning the pools. Despite there being no comedy terrible turn, Anne Widdecombe or Russell Grant, Strictly is a classic mixture of haves and have nots in terms of who has got half a chance and who is already skating on thin ice.
The wheat has almost been sorted from the chaff though, and we’ve almost reached the point where two decent dancers might both find themselves in the dance off, with one of them heading home, and if they were your pick in the Last Longest, they’ll take with them your chance of scooping the pool. There are two terrible dancers left - Carol Kirkwood and Jeremy Vine, but importantly they’ve had the support of the public, at least so far, to stay out of the dance off.
Both are regularly on the BBC and seem to have a fanbase that have kept them safe so far, and if that trend continues, this week it looks like curtains for Jamelia.
A regular on ITV’s Loose Women, the pop star has not enjoyed the same support, and has been a regular in the dance off. She looks headed there again this week, and unless she’s up against the two non dancers, she will be hanging up her sparkly shoes.
Jeremy’s dad-dancing is so endearing, and his undoubted improvement through the weeks, might even see her lose to the Egghead’s host, though in the cold light of day Jamelia should win that one. The key with Last Longest pools is to look ahead. Sure, we can all see former Wanted member Jay is the best dancer and there’s no chance he’ll be out this week (you can get 150-1 with some bookies if you do fancy him to get the boot) but we’ll need that pick later in the competition when there are less options and the standards are higher.
Predicting the bottom two, and who will be shown the door against who should they face each other, will help you keep the most options available for future weeks. If the support continues for the two worst dancers, Jamelia will go this week no matter who she faces. If she’s up against either Jeremy or Carol, she should be okay. This means the risky plays are these three, and the risk-free plays are the other seven - Katie, Anita, Peter, Kellie, Georgie, Helen and Jay.
These seven won’t stay risk-free for long, so weigh up the risk of using one this Saturday to ensure safe passage to next week, against the need to keep them in reserve. If one of them face Jamelia in the dance off they will triumph, but that will mean both Jeremy and Carol are still receiving massive support, and a few of this week’s ‘safe seven’ won’t be safe next week, with the danger two of them will face each other in the dance off. Maybe it’s worth using a safe pass this week in the knowledge one of Jamelia, Jeremy and Carol will be going and reassessing next week? And people say it’s just a load of glitter balls! 

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