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  • Chess Stars Head for London

    Some of the greatest chess players in the world will be heading to the UK for the London Chess Classic, starting on Friday Continue reading →

  • Fury Stands on the Edge of Greatness

    Tyson Fury has a chance to join a short list of great British Heavyweight Champions of the World this weekend. With Old Father Time catching up on Wladimir Klitschko, could this be the undefeated Fury's moment? Continue reading →

  • Making Strictly Good Decisions

    Whether you’re a secret sequin admirer or a henpecked hubby trying to keep her who must be obeyed happy, the Strictly Come Dancing Last Longests at i-Pools certainly make the Saturday night spectacular more enjoyable... Continue reading →

  • Premier League Academies are a Waste of Time

    John Stones started his professional career with a game at Rochdale, Dele Alli made his pro bow under the bright lights of Cambridge City (not United) and Jamie Vardy started life as a league pro with a game against Torquay United... Continue reading →


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