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Introducing Rollover pools at i-pools

Introducing Rollover pools at i-pools
Thursday,August 22,2019

If you didn’t already enjoy the range of sporting pools we run at i-pools, then we’ve got a new game format that will certainly keep you interested. This week we launched our new Rollover pools, giving you more opportunity to win some big cash for your sports predictions, which can of course be increased each day. For example if no-one makes the required amount of correct predictions in any of our designated Rollover games, then the prize fund will ‘rollover’ to the next pool in that series. Here’s a look at the type of Rollover games we’ll be initially offering.


Daily One Question Rollover pool:


This will be available to play each day, usually in the late afternoon or early evening, where in order to win, you must guess the EXACT answer to the question. For example, Thursday’s question asked you to predict the total number of runs in the third session of day one of the third Ashes Test between England and Australia. If someone correctly predicted that, they would’ve scooped the whole prize pot but if no-one guessed correctly, the prize fund will move into the next day’s pool, which in this case is the total goal minutes of the Aston Villa v Everton Friday night match. This will keep going until someone finally makes a correct prediction and with a guaranteed amount each day, the total prize could well soar. 


Football Rollover Coupon:


The first of these - Coupon #1 - is just £1 to enter by 3pm Saturday, where user’s predict the match result in 10 selected games from across the weekend. In order to win the minimum of £1,000 guaranteed, you must get all 10 results correct otherwise the prize fund will rollover to Football Coupon #2. The initial plan is to do two of these a week so keep an eye out for them, and the longer the pool goes on for without a winner, the more chance the prize fund could climb to more than £1,000.


Greyhound Tricast Rollover:


Here you must predict the Tricast result, ie 1st, 2nd and 3rd in correct order, for the selected race of the day - usually the last race - in order to scoop the prize fund. This is also £1 to play, with £20 initially added into the pot to get it going. Thursday’s selected race was the 9:40pm at Yarmouth and if no-one gets the top three correct, then the pot rolls over to the next selected Tricast Race.


Why not check out our brand new Rollover format, and if it proves a popular hit, hopefully we’ll be running more games, to give you even more chance of scooping some big cash.


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