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Introducing Our New Feature - Will You Be Up For The Challenge?

Introducing Our New Feature - Will You Be Up For The Challenge?
Friday,July 21,2017

If you thought our Fantasy, Last Longest and Classic Predictor games were great fun to play before, get set for our huge new launch which really is a game changer.


Starting right now, we’re introducing our new ‘Challenges’ function, which gives you the perfect opportunity to create your own pools and challenge your mates!


Instead of all putting in a fiver down the pub on the latest big match - we’ve all got that mate who won’t pay up - there’s an even simpler and more enjoyable way of betting against your mates.


Create a pool on anything available that has the Challenges icon next to it in the lobby, set how many players you want to play against and how much the entry fee will be, then invite a bunch of mates to take you on! If your selections scoop the most points, you’ll not only be taking your mates’ hard earned cash, but also bragging rights down the pub. Here’s a guide on how you can use our simple new function:



The ‘Challenges’ function will be available on the majority pools that are in the lobby - ones with the Challenges icon - and here is an example used on our recently concluded Open Championship Last Longest as shown above.


There will be an option to ‘Create’ your own pool. Here you are able to set the minimum and maximum number of players, which is no less than two and no more than 50. You must also set the entry fee, which can be anything from at least £1, and there’s the option just below to allow others to invite players to the game.



Once you’ve figured out the settings, click the ‘Go To Pool’ button, as higlighted in the above image, where you will be directed to make your selections, and the first step to seeing if your predictions out do those of your pals.


Once you’ve spent time deciding on how you see the particular event playing out, clicking on ‘Enter The Pool’ will take you to a new page where you then decide which of your friends to invite. If you cast your eyes on the image below, you can do this by typing in the username or email of the players you want to invite, and they don’t even have to be a user! If they’re not, they’ll be directed to the registration page once they’ve made their predictions, and once they’ve registered, will be able to confirm said selections. Remember, you get £10 (paid in points you can use to enter our regular pools) for every one of your mates who signs up and deposits with us as an added bonus!



Another way of adding players to your game is to ‘Add From List’, as demonstrated above, which is a feature in which you can add then save your friends to a list - underneath the ‘Send Invitations’ button - to make it easier if you’re planning on challenging mates to multiple pools, which of course you are going to be!



Then go ahead and send those invitations which can be tracked at the top of the screen, with a notification on each invitation given, or by the side underneath ‘My Pools’, as shown above.


You may reject challenges if you wish, but by accepting one, you’ll be sent to the pool to make your selections and then ready to take those reddies off your buddies! And if your Challenge Pool is just a private version of one of our regular pools you're playing among your mates, you can still use the same answers to enter the main pool at the click of a button too!



Now you know and have seen how to invite players to play your created games, why not go ahead and get playing, and add another element to our now popular pools!


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Friday, July 28, 2017 14:07 PM
can you make an option to have it open to all not just the people you challenge. IE a checkbox do you want this pool to be open to all

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