Choosing a Pool

We offer Pools across a wide variety of live Events ranging from sport to politics to reality TV in a variety of different formats (Classic, Fantasy League or Last Longest ) which are all listed in the Lobby.

Pools in the Lobby can be filtered by Sport (down the left on Desktop or in the Menu on Mobile), or by Game Type (across the top).

Pools are listed in the Lobby in order of Start Time, so the next Pool to close is shown at the top. To browse a Pool to enter, just click on it in the Lobby.

Within each pool are a number of different pool sizes with different stakes/entry fees ranging from £1 up to £100 (we also run some Freerolls which are denoted by a "Freeroll" banner in the Lobby). Some of these are "unlimited, so you may enter as many times as you like and some are 'limited' (10 Max, Heads Up etc) which you can normally only enter once (although you may enter more than one 'table').

Look out for added feature such as Progressive Jackpot pools (denoted by a 'PJ' symbol), Guaranteed pools ("G"), our special Jackpot pools ("J") or the Rollover pools ("R").  

Joining a Pool

Joining a Pool is simple. Just click on the Pool you wish to enter in the Lobby, and then select your stake by clicking on the green 'JOIN THIS POOL' button. This will take you through to the pool entry page where you must answer all the relevant questions and/or make all the necessary selections. Once you have provided all of your answers/selections, including, if required, a Banker/Captain/Nap selection which scores you double points, click on the flashing red 'ENTER' button. We will ask you to confirm your entry in the Pool and once you've clicked CONFIRM, you're in!

Of course, to enter a cash pool, you will need a cash balance with sufficient funds to pay the entry fee. You can deposit funds by clicking on Deposit at the top of the page (or click on your balance on Mobile). Alternatively, you can use Points to enter cash pools too (for new accounts, you will find 200 points already in your account to start you off). 100 points = £1 so to enter a £2 pool you can use 200 points. To find out how you can earn more points, read our Points Helppage.

You can come back and Edit your selections at any time until the Start Time of the pool, which is when the event kicks off but going back into the pool you have entered and clicking View, to see your entries and then Edit. But don't forget to reconfirm your edited selections or they will not be saved.

You can enter an Unlimited Pool multiple times, so long as you do not enter with the same set of answers.
You can enter as many different Limited (10 Max or Heads Up) pools as you wish, but you can only enter each individual 10 Max or Heads Up table once.


We offer three basic pool formats: the Classic pool, the Fantasy pool and the Last Longest pool. Each of these formats is available in different table-sizes and stakes.

But within each pool format, you will find we offer lots of different types of games.

Classic Pools

Classic Pools consist of answering a series of questions about an Event in which players must predict certain key oucomes of that Event. There are three types of question/prediction in Classic pools, Yes/No or 50/50 questions, Multiple choice questions with more than 2 possible answers and "Nearest Wins" questions

Points are awarded for correct predictions or, in “Nearest Wins” questions, for the predictions closest to the outcome. When the Pool is live you can see your points score in the overall Leaderboard which will show what position you are in in the Pool. At the end of the Event, the Net Prizefund is distributed to those who scored the most points in the Pool. The split of the Prizefund depends on the number of entries in the Pool. See Payout Structure.

There are several different types of Classic Pool: Coupon type pools where players predict the results of series of matches, Predictor pools which have a wide variety of different predictions to make on an event, single match pools where players predict the key outcomes of various different elements of a single match and mant others. You will normally see a specific explanation of how to enter a pool in the Pool Rules section in the pool Header.

Fantasy Pools

Fantasy Pools require the player to make a number of selections from those available to make up a 'team' to represent you in an Event (or series of events) with each selection contributing points to your total score in the Pool depending on their performance. For instance, a 5-a-side Football Fantasy Pool requires you to pick a Goalkeeper, a Defender, 2 Midfielders and a Striker each of which scores you points for certain achievements during the relevant match/matches such as goals, assists or cards. At the end of the relevant Event(s) or, if applicable, when one or more Users has achieved the Target Score required to win the Pool, the Net Prizefund is distributed among the Winner(s). See Payout Structure.

We publish Fantasy Pool on a wide variety of events but in particular we publish daily fantasy racing, Football 5-a-side, Cricket pick 5, Golf Fantasy Fourballs, Formula 1 (and many others).

Last Longest Pools

In Last Longest Pools, players are asked to make a selection in each of a series of fixtures (such as a team to win in each week of the Premier League) and the player(s) who lasts longer than all the others wins the Net Prizefund. Players in Last Longest pools must make a different selection each round.

If a player makes a correct/winning selection, i.e. their chosen team wins that week, then they progress to the next round, and if they make an incorrect selection, i.e. their chosen team fails to win that week, then they are knocked out of the pool. Successful players in each round must then make a new selection for the next set of fixtures. As players are knocked out, the field gradually narrows down until just one remains who has made a winning selection in each round. If all remaining players are knocked out in the same round, or the Event reaches the End Date with more than one remaining player still in, the Net Prizefund will be shared between them. See Payout Structure. 

Some Last Longest pools are designated as “Streak” pools and players can win a Jackpot bonus prize by lasting long enough to win the Streak (usually selecting each possible team once). Streak pools are denoted in the Lobby with a “J” icon in the pools lobby. The jackpot bonus is won by selecting the required number of successful picks in a row in each round of the pool. For instance, in Premier League Last Longest pools, players are required to pick a different team to win for 20 weeks in a row to win the jackpot bonus.

Pool Sizes

We normally offer three standard Pool Sizes: Unlimited pools, and 10-Max and Heads-Up (Limited) pools.

Unlimited pools

Unlimited Pools are available to all players and have no limit on the number of entries either in total of per player. Each player can enter an Unlimited Pool more than once but only by making a different set of selections each time (ie they cannot enter the same pool with duplicated selections). The Net Prizefund in each Unlimited pool will be the aggregate of all the entry fees minus the Administration Fee. The number of Prizes paid out in an Unlimited Pool depends on the number of entries. See Payout Structure.

Limited pools

Limited pools are also available to all players but each player may only enter each separate limited 'table' once; although they may enter as many limited tables within a pool as they like. Although other table sizes are sometimes offered, generally we offer two sizes of Limited pool:

10 Max

10 Max Pools are restricted to 10 entries per Pool. Users may enter any number of these Pools but can only enter each of them once. The Net Prizefund for each 10 Max Pool will be the aggregate of all the Users’ entry fees minus the Administration Fee and will pay out as follows: 67% to 1st and 33% to 2nd if there are 10 entries, but only 1 Prize (100% of Net Prizefund) if not.

Heads Up

Heads Up Pools are restricted to 2 entrants per pool. Players may enter any number of these pools but can only enter each of them once (you cannot play against yourself!). The Net Prizefund of each Heads Up pool will be the aggregate of the Users’ entry fees minus the Administration Fee. A Heads Up Pool will pay a single Prize (unless it is tied). A Heads Up pool will only go "live" if there are two entries otherwise it will be void and stakes will be returned.

Progressive Jackpot (PJ)

Some Classic Pools are designated as Progressive Jackpot Pools by the PJ sign in the Lobby. In these pools you can upgrade your entry for an extra £1 and enter the Progressive Jackpot. All the £1 entries are added to the Progressive Jackpot until a lucky player wins it! 

Winning the Progressive Jackpot

To win the Progressive Jackpot, all you have to do is get all the answers in the pool exactly right. For questions that have a range of ascending answers you must select the highest possible answer (ie How many goals will be scored in the game, if 4 goals are scored you must have selected "4 or more"  and "3 or more" will not be deemed to be exactly right.

If two players win the PJ in the same day, they will share the PJ payout.

You can enter the Progressive Jackpot in the same Pool as many times as you like as long as you submit different answers each time.

If a player wins the PJ, they will receive 75% of the current balance of the PJ "pot" minus the administration fee (10%). The other 25% of the PJ pot will rollover into the next PJ. 

See Terms & Conditions for detailed rules about the PJ.


Some pools have guaranteed mimimum Prizefunds and these are designated in the Lobby with a G icon. This means that the Prizefund is guaranteed to be at least the minimum amount (as stated) however many entries there are.

Administration fees are not deducted from Guaranteed Prizefunds until the entry fees exceed the Guranteed Prizefund.

Editing your Answers

Players can change their answers/selections at any time up until the Start Time of the Event which is displayed in the pool header.

To change your answers/selections, simply click on the pool you have entered and then on the 'EDIT' button at the top right of the pool page and you will be able to see the answers/selections you have chosen and then change the ones you wish to change. When you've finished editing your answers, click on the 'UPDATE ANSWERS' button at the bottom of the page and confirm. If you don't click 'UPDATE ANSWERS', they will automatically remain the same as they were before.

Once a pool has passed the Start Time, you will no longer be able to edit your answers/selections.

Following a Live Pool

When a Pool reaches the Start Time it becomes live and moves from 'ALL POOLS' to 'MY POOLS'. Clicking on the Pool will take you to the live screen where you can see the answers you have given and compare them to the answers of all the other entrants in the pool. Your current score and ranking on the leaderboard will update as the event unfolds and the answers are updated in real time. To compare your answers to another player, simply click on their Username on the leaderboard. This allows you to see their score so far, their current correct and incorrect answers, and allows you to determine what you need to happen to beat them in the final standings. You can also see the statistics on how many players chose each answer by clicking on the 'i' button by the question. Some questions in overnight pools may not be settled until the morning.

Payout Structures

The Payout Structure varies for each pool-type and pool-size.

and is determined byt the number of entrants in a pool and it's structure (ie Unlimited, Limited, 10 Max, Heads-up etc). Our "standard" payout structure for unlimited pools adds prizes as more entries are made and is described in more detail below. Some "special" pools will have a different Payout Structure applied and this will normally be announced in the Pool Rules. Prizes for each positon in the pool will be displayed in the pool header but please note that these are subject to change as more players enter the pool and more prizes added.


If two or more players tie for a position, the relevant Prizes are added together and divided by the number of those tied to calculate the amount awarded to each tying player.

The amount of the Prize will be added to a player's account balance immediately after a pool has settled. Prizes will be rounded to the nearest penny.


Classic and Fantasy Unlimited Pools (unless otherwise stated)

In Classic and Fantasy unlimited pools:

  • for pools up to 9 entries, there will be only one Prize, 1st Prize, which will receive 100% of the Net Prizefund
  • for pools with 10 or more entries, additional prizes will be added each time the number of entrants increases past a multiple of ten (1 additional prize) up to 30 players, then 15 (1 additional prize) up to 60 players, then 20 (1 additional prize) up to 100 players, then 25 (1 additional prize) and 2 additional prizes for every 50 players added.
  •  the Net Prizefund will be split between the Prizes so that second Prize is approximately 50% of first Prize, third Prize will be approximately 50% of second Prize and smaller prizes will step down in smaller increments.
  • Unless otherwise stated this is the Standard Payout Structure applicable for all Unlimited Classic and Fantasy Pools.

Fantasy Pools with target score

  • for pools that require players to reach a Target Score to win the pool 100% of the pool will go to the winner(s).

Classic and Fantasy 10 Max Pools

  • for pools with 10 entries 66.7% of the Net Prizefund will be paid to the winner of each pool and 33.3% will be paid to the runner-up in each pool.
  • Pools with fewer entries will only pay one prize to 1st place.

Classic and Fantasy Heads Up Pools

  • 100% of the net Prizefund will be paid to the winner of the pool.

Last Longest Pools

  • 100% of the Net Prizefund always goes to the player(s) who last(s) longest. Please note that, in order to qualify to share in the Prizefund, players must have a selection if they have one available (unless no other players remaining in the pool have any possible selections remaining either).


If two or more players tie for a position, the relevant Prizes are added together and divided by the number of tied players to calculate the amount awarded to each one.

Prizes will be rounded to the nearest penny.

Halls of fame

The Halls of Fame are where we celebrate and reward the most successful players by different Sports. 

All Time Halls of Fame for individual sports as well as for 'All Sports' list the top players of all time by each sport. A players All time Hall of Fame score is made up of their best 20 scores in qualifying pools over the last 12 months. All Time Hall of Fame leaders will be rewarded with the ultimate bragging rights of becoming the Daddy of sports predictors and by unlocking Achievements to earn more rewards from our Loyalty Scheme.

Monthly Halls of Fame for individual sports as well as for 'All Sports' list the top players for the current month by each sport. Some monthly Halls of Fame, designated by a red CASH symbol, payout monthly prizes to the top three players each month. Your monthly Hall of Fame Scores are derived from your 20 best results in qualifying pools during the month. The scoring system for each Hall of Fame is described in the League Rules below the Hall of Fame leaderboard.

The Prizes paid out for each monthly Hall of Fame are published in the Hall of Fame description.


Responsible Gambling

Our pools are supposed to be fun sports prediction contests between the players so we urge all of you to play responsibly with stakes that you can afford. Our staff are trained to spot and support players that are having difficulties with their gambling so please do get in touch with us if you feel that you are having issues. If our staff do contact you to check that you are happy and in control of your play on the site, please do not be insulted as it is always possible that our checks, which are purely designed to help those that are having issues, have wrongly identified you. Just confirm that you are happy and in control as this will help us to support those that aren't.

We have set out below two tools that are available on the site to help support players that may be having issues:

 - self exclusion: you may self exclude from the site for any period from 6 months to 5 years+ (see below for further details)

 - setting limits: you may, at any time, set limits on your account (see below for further details)  


Under 18s

It is illegal for those aged under 18 to access our site and our pools and we have a zero tolerance attitude towards underage gambling. We employ software checks to verify the age of all users before they are able to deposit or to access the pools.

If we suspect that you are under 18, we will suspend your account pending an investigation and may require further evidence that you are 18 or over before re-activating your account.

If you access the site from a shared device that is accessed by under 18s, we would urge you to make use of web-filtering options to ensure that those under-age are not able to access the site from your device (for further information see our Responsible Gambling Policy).


Self exclusion

Should you need to take a break from gambling, we provide a 'self exclusion' facility which can be accessed through the ‘My Account’ button at the top of the page, or which can be set up manually by our Helpdesk upon request. Self exclusion means that your account will remain closed for a minimum period of 6 months and will not be reactivated under any circumstances during the exclusion period. We will not contact you at the end of your self-exclusion period so if you want to re-activate, you will need to contact us to do so.

If you do self-exclude, we recommend that you seek additional support and advice from a professional problem gambling support agency (such as during your self exclusion period. You are also advised to make use of the newly established National Self-Exclusion scheme, GAMSTOP, which allows you to self-exclude from all UK betting sites at the same time.

Setting Limits

If you would like to set limits on your account, which can be set on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, you can do so in the Account Management section of your account. Alternatively, contact the Helpdesk and we can do this for you. If you do set your own limits, we will require 24 hours notice to increase these limits should you request this in the future.


Pool Settlement

Once an Event has gone past its End Date and the answers are finalised, the Prizes will be paid out to winning players and the pool will move to the 'Settled Pools' section under the 'My Pools' tab.

In the 'Settled Pools' section, you can see your final ranking and total winnings in each of the pools you have entered. Clicking on the pool will take you through to the results page, where you can see the final leaderboard, your final points and compare them with others'.

We aim to settle all pools within 30 minutes of completion. Sometimes, where we are waiting for final results until a pool is completed, or if there is a considerable amount of results data to check, this may take longer. Pools that complete after 'office hours' will be settled the next morning.

We rely on data provided by OPTA Sports as the source of most of our results. If OPTA Sports does not provide the relevant data to settle a pool, we reserve the right to settle the pool as we see fit according public data we may choose to rely on. If you have any queries regarding settlements or believes an error may have been made, please get in touch with our helpdesk team. 

Cancelling/Voiding Pools, Questions or Entries

We may void a pool, question or entry for reasons including, but not limited to:

 - cancelled or postponed Events or elements of an Event which make the pool invalid

 - data errors where the nature of a Pool has been unacceptably distorted by a clear data or administrative error

- suspected criminal or fraudulent activity

In the unlikely event that a pool remains open to enter after the underlying event has started, whether through an error on our part or because the start time of the event was brought forward, we reserve the right to void any entries to the Pool we believe have gained an advantage by entering after the actual start time of the Event or to change a players selection(s) back to their original pre-Start Time state. If you believe this may have happened, please contact the helpdesk.

Some questions may make specific provisos about the possibility of voiding if certain criteria are not met.

We also reserve the right to void any entry that we may reasonably believe is under age or involved with any criminal and/or fraudulent activity or any entry by a User previously banned from the Website.


Cancelling/Voiding Pools

In some circumstances, a pool may be voided in its entirety. Normally this will be a result of the particular Event being cancelled or postponed for more than 24 hours. But a pool may also be voided if there is reasonable suspicion of criminal or fraudulent activity or if we are unable to satisfactorily determine the outcome of the Event itself.

In the event that a pool is voided, stakes will be refunded in full. We will always announce the reason(s) for cancelling or voiding a pool as soon as reasonably possible. If an Event is cancelled before the Start Time, all Pools relating solely to that Event will be cancelled. If the Event forms part of a larger Pool (ie it only affects one question in a pool), that pool will stand unless more than half the Events contributing to it are cancelled or postponed.

If an Event is postponed, all related pools and/or questions will normally be cancelled or voided if the Event does not go ahead within 24 hours of the original scheduled Start Time.


Errors, Omissions and Changes:

If an error is made in setting up a pool, or a question within a pool, we reserve the right to void that Pool/question if we feel the intention behind the pool/question is obscured by the error and we may correct the error in the pool/question (such as a typo for instance). However, if an error is made but it remains obvious what is intended, the pool/question will normally stand.

If the results of an event are altered or corrected after a pool is settled, the results of the pool will not be altered (first past the post principle). For instance, is a goal was originally awarded to one player and is subsequently changed to another pool, this change will not impact the results of a pool that has already been settled.


In the event of a clear error in the settlement of a pool (for example, incorrect data is used to answer a question), Prizes may be reallocatd. in order to recompense the correct winners, we reserve the right, if appropriate, to reclaim any winnings paid out to players in error.



The easiest way to fund your account is by making a payment using your debit/credit card. We accept most commonly used credit and debit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Delta, MasterCard, Maestro, Solo, Laser). We also accept Neteller and, in some circumstances, may accept a bank transfer (additional personal information required).

Simply click on the "Deposit" button at the top of the homepage or in your Profile and follow the onscreen instructions which will take you through to our secure payment page. You will need to re-enter your password aswell as your Security Code (3 digit code on the back of your card) in order to make a deposit.

All of our payments are processed by Axcess Payments Limited which is a fully PCI-DSS certified payments services company and we do not receive or retain any financial information provided by you. Your funds will be available in your account as soon as the transaction is authorised by the payment services company. We do not charge you for making deposits on the website but your card provider may do - so please check with them if you have been charged any kind of additional fee.

Deposit Limits

The minimum deposit is £10. Maximum deposit limits are:

 - per transaction £250;

 - per week £1,000;

 - per month £3,000.

If you would like to increase these limits, please contact our helpdesk. We may ask you for additional information before allowing your deposit limit to be increased.

You may also, if you wish, set your own Deposit Limit and to do this please contact our Helpdesk. If you do set your own deposit limit(s) we will require 24 hours notice before these can be increased.


You may withdraw all or part of your cash balance from your account at any time (subject to our Terms & Conditions). Simply click on 'My Account' at the top right of the homepage, and then click on the 'Account Management' tab. Then, click on 'Withdraw' and then enter the amount that you wish to withdraw and which payment option you wish (ie which card); you will also be asked to enter your password to confirm the transaction. You can withdraw money to any of your registered cards, but only to a card that has previously been used to make a successful deposit.

Our payment services company charges an £0.80p fee for withdrawals under £100. There is no charge for withdrawl requests of £100 or more (although please note, if you make a deposit in your account purely to increase your balance to £100 and then request an immediate withdrawal this will be refused and we will charge you for all future withdrawal requests).

Valid withdrawal requests will normally be processed by us within 24 hours (larger amounts may take longer) but may take between 1 and 5 working days to clear depending on your bank. Only one request per account will be processed each day.

You may also, subject to status, request a withdrawal from your account by means of a direct bank transfer (subject to £100 minimum and player status). To allow this option in your account, we will ask to you provide us with further personal information (including a copy of passport or driving licence), 

To do this, we will need you to provide your bank account details (account name, sort code and account number). Please note that we do NOT store your bank account details so we will require this information for every bank transfer request you make.

Withdrawal limits

The maximum withdrawal per transaction is £500. If you wish to withdraw more than this amount in a single transaction please contact the helpdesk.

Loyalty Rewards

You can earn Points for doing various things on on the site. Each time you:

 - Play a pool (public pools only)

 - Tweet your entry (using the Tweet button at the bottom of the pool) page)

 - Deposit Funds in your account

 - Set up a Challenge Pool

you will earn a Points Bonus that will get added into your account at the end of each month. You can use these Points to enter cash pools (100 Points = £1).

Status Multiplier

Every Point you earn from the actions listed above will be multiplied by your Status Multipler score. Your Status Multiplier can be increased by unlocking Achievements. Look in your Profile to find out how to unlock Achievements and increase your Status Multiplier so you can earn bigegr Loyalty Points Bonuses faster.

The maximum Multiplier is 25x.

Points awards

You can get rewarded for any of these things that you do on the site. The more Points you earn, the more pools you can join for FREE.

Get rewarded for: Points
Sharing a pool you've just joined on Twitter. 1 point per multipler
Entering a classic pool. 1 pct per multipler
Depositing £££. 0.1 pct per multipler
Managing a Private Pool (10 players min). 2 pct per multipler

Jackpot Pools

Pools that are designated with a “J” symbol in the pools lobby carry a JACKPOT BONUS. The amount of the Jackpot will be in the pool title and description. So players entering a Jackpot pool are eligible to win the JACKPOT BONUS if they successfully meet the winning criteria set out in the pools description.

In Classic and Fantasy Pools this means predicting the answers for each question correctly and precisely.

In Last Longest “Streak” pools, the jackpot bonus is won by successfully selecting the required number of consecutive successful selections in each round of the pool. For instance, in Premier League Last Longest pools, players are required to pick a different team to win for 20 consecutive weeks to win the jackpot bonus.

Only one jackpot bonus can be won in each pool, which includes all the possible tables in that pool. If two (or more) players win the jackpot bonus in the same pool, the jackpot bonus will be shared by the winning players.

Challenge pools

Most pools, which display the Challenges symbol in the Pools Lobby, allow players to create their own private Challenge Pool and invite other players, either by Username or by email to play against.

To create a Challenge pools, just click on the green “Create” button in the pool page and follow the instructions. Players should select the number of players they want in their pool, the stake they want to play for and decide if they want to allow other players to invite other players too, after they have joined themselves.

Once the pool is set up, you will have to add your own predictions/selections before inviting other players. Once this is done, you can then add private invitations by typing in usernames and/or email addresses of players you would like to invite to play in your pool. Lists of Invitees can be saved for regular use.

A player inviting another new user by email will automatically be added as a “Referrer” for their account and will be eligible for a Referrer bonus when they make a deposit.

Also, you can earn double points towards your monthly Loyalty bonus by setting up Challenge pools.

If you would like to create a Challenge pool on an event that you don't see in the Lobby, please contact us and we will add it if we can.

Verifying your Account

As we are a regulated betting site, we are required to verify the personal information you provide when you register an account. Firstly, we ask you to verify the email address you have provided, which we will use to contact you about your account, by clicking on the link we send you after you have completed registration.

Normally we are able to verify your personal information automatically and you will be able to deposit money into your account and play our games immediately. But in some circumstances we are not able to verify your information automatically. There could be a number of reasons for this and if this is the case please first check that the information you have provided is correct and if not please edit the registration form and resubmit.

But if we still cannot verify your information, we will need to ask you to provide copies of documents so that we can verify your account manually. We need to ask you to send us, by email, copies of two forms of ID:

1) A copy of your Passport OR Driving Licence showing clearly your name and date of birth (other forms of photo-ID maybe acceptable if they include your Date of Birth);


2) A recent Utility Bill or Bank Statement showing clearly your name and address (other forms of address verification may be acceptable).

You can email these documents to the email address on our Contact Us page on the website. Once we have received your documents and verified your account we will confirm and you will be able to deposit and play. Please note that we do not store your documents on our servers, we only use them to verify your account.

Good luck in the pools!

Rollover Pools

Rollover pools carry a single jackpot prize which can only be won by answering all questions exactly and precisely. If more than one player answers all questions exactly and precisely, they will share the prizefund.

Some Rollover pools may payout consolation prizes for "near misses". Details of these will always be published in the pool rules.

If the prizefund in a Rollover pool is not won, it will "rollover" into the next designated pool. Details will be published in each pool description.

If a question in a Rollover pool is void - for instance a football match is abandoned - then the single jackpot prize cannot be won. In these circumstances players who answer all remaining questions exactly and precisely will have their entry fees refunded. However in pools where consolation prizes are available, then these will still be paid out.

If an entire Rollover pool has to be voided then all the entry fees from the current pool will be returned to players and the prizefund will "rollover" to the next pool.

Rollover pools are available to all players and will display "Rollover" in the pool title, heading and description.

NB: Bonus money/Points cannot be used to enter Rollover pools.


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