Getting Started

Choosing a Pool

We offer Pools across a wide variety of live Events ranging from sport to politics to reality TV in a variety of different formats (Classic, Fantasy League or Last Longest ) which are all listed in the Lobby.

Pools in the Lobby can be filtered by Sport (down the left on Desktop or in the Menu on Mobile), or by Game Type (across the top).

Pools are listed in the Lobby in order of Start Time, so the next Pool to close is shown at the top. To browse a Pool to enter, just click on it in the Lobby.

Within each pool are a number of different pool sizes with different stakes/entry fees ranging from £1 up to £100 (we also run some Freerolls which are denoted by a "Freeroll" banner in the Lobby). Some of these are "unlimited, so you may enter as many times as you like and some are 'limited' (10 Max, Heads Up etc) which you can normally only enter once (although you may enter more than one 'table').

Look out for added feature such as Progressive Jackpot pools (denoted by a 'PJ' symbol), Guaranteed pools ("G"), our special Jackpot pools ("J") or the Rollover pools ("R").  

Joining a Pool

Joining a Pool is simple. Just click on the Pool you wish to enter in the Lobby, and then select your stake by clicking on the green 'JOIN THIS POOL' button. This will take you through to the pool entry page where you must answer all the relevant questions and/or make all the necessary selections. Once you have provided all of your answers/selections, including, if required, a Banker/Captain/Nap selection which scores you double points, click on the flashing red 'ENTER' button. We will ask you to confirm your entry in the Pool and once you've clicked CONFIRM, you're in!

Of course, to enter a cash pool, you will need a cash balance with sufficient funds to pay the entry fee. You can deposit funds by clicking on Deposit at the top of the page (or click on your balance on Mobile). Alternatively, you can use Points to enter cash pools too (for new accounts, you will find 200 points already in your account to start you off). 100 points = £1 so to enter a £2 pool you can use 200 points. To find out how you can earn more points, read our Points Helppage.

You can come back and Edit your selections at any time until the Start Time of the pool, which is when the event kicks off but going back into the pool you have entered and clicking View, to see your entries and then Edit. But don't forget to reconfirm your edited selections or they will not be saved.

You can enter an Unlimited Pool multiple times, so long as you do not enter with the same set of answers.
You can enter as many different Limited (10 Max or Heads Up) pools as you wish, but you can only enter each individual 10 Max or Heads Up table once.

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