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Getting Started

Choosing a Pool

i-POOLs offers Pools on a variety of live Events which are listed in the Lobby. Pools can be filtered by Sport (down the left), or by Game Type (across the top). Pools are listed in order of Start Time, so the next Pool to close is shown at the top. To choose a Pool to enter, select a Sport and then select the Game Type you want to play - Classic, Fantasy League or Last Longest - and you will see a list of all the Pools of this type that we are running Pools on. Just scroll down the Lobby and click on the Pool you're interested in to see the Tables available.

Within each Pool, Tables are listed by Entry Fee (usually £1, £10 and £25) and Table Size (Unlimited, 10 Max and Heads Up). Look out for our Progressive Jackpot pools (PJ) and Guaranteed Prize Funds (G)!

Joining a Pool

Joining a Pool is simple. Click on the Pool you wish to enter in the Lobby by clicking on the red 'JOIN' button. This will take you through to the entry page where you must answer all the relevant questions and/or make all the necessary selections. Once you have provided all of your answers/selections, click the flashing red 'ENTER' button. We will ask you to confirm your entry in the Pool and once you've finished, you're in! You can enter an Unlimited Pool multiple times, so long as you do not enter with the same set of answers. You can enter as many different 10 Max or Heads Up pools as you wish, but you can only enter each individual 10 Max or Heads Up Pool once.

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