Game Types


We offer three basic pool formats: the Classic pool, the Fantasy pool and the Last Longest pool. Each of these formats is available in different table-sizes and stakes.

But within each pool format, you will find we offer lots of different types of games.

Classic Pools

Classic Pools consist of answering a series of questions about an Event in which players must predict certain key oucomes of that Event. There are three types of question/prediction in Classic pools, Yes/No or 50/50 questions, Multiple choice questions with more than 2 possible answers and "Nearest Wins" questions

Points are awarded for correct predictions or, in “Nearest Wins” questions, for the predictions closest to the outcome. When the Pool is live you can see your points score in the overall Leaderboard which will show what position you are in in the Pool. At the end of the Event, the Net Prizefund is distributed to those who scored the most points in the Pool. The split of the Prizefund depends on the number of entries in the Pool. See Payout Structure.

There are several different types of Classic Pool: Coupon type pools where players predict the results of series of matches, Predictor pools which have a wide variety of different predictions to make on an event, single match pools where players predict the key outcomes of various different elements of a single match and mant others. You will normally see a specific explanation of how to enter a pool in the Pool Rules section in the pool Header.

Fantasy Pools

Fantasy Pools require the player to make a number of selections from those available to make up a 'team' to represent you in an Event (or series of events) with each selection contributing points to your total score in the Pool depending on their performance. For instance, a 5-a-side Football Fantasy Pool requires you to pick a Goalkeeper, a Defender, 2 Midfielders and a Striker each of which scores you points for certain achievements during the relevant match/matches such as goals, assists or cards. At the end of the relevant Event(s) or, if applicable, when one or more Users has achieved the Target Score required to win the Pool, the Net Prizefund is distributed among the Winner(s). See Payout Structure.

We publish Fantasy Pool on a wide variety of events but in particular we publish daily fantasy racing, Football 5-a-side, Cricket pick 5, Golf Fantasy Fourballs, Formula 1 (and many others).

Last Longest Pools

In Last Longest Pools, players are asked to make a selection in each of a series of fixtures (such as a team to win in each week of the Premier League) and the player(s) who lasts longer than all the others wins the Net Prizefund. Players in Last Longest pools must make a different selection each round.

If a player makes a correct/winning selection, i.e. their chosen team wins that week, then they progress to the next round, and if they make an incorrect selection, i.e. their chosen team fails to win that week, then they are knocked out of the pool. Successful players in each round must then make a new selection for the next set of fixtures. As players are knocked out, the field gradually narrows down until just one remains who has made a winning selection in each round. If all remaining players are knocked out in the same round, or the Event reaches the End Date with more than one remaining player still in, the Net Prizefund will be shared between them. See Payout Structure. 

Some Last Longest pools are designated as “Streak” pools and players can win a Jackpot bonus prize by lasting long enough to win the Streak (usually selecting each possible team once). Streak pools are denoted in the Lobby with a “J” icon in the pools lobby. The jackpot bonus is won by selecting the required number of successful picks in a row in each round of the pool. For instance, in Premier League Last Longest pools, players are required to pick a different team to win for 20 weeks in a row to win the jackpot bonus.

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