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Euro 2016 and Copa America Preview

Euro 2016 and Copa America Preview
Friday,June 3,2016


The club season may have drawn to close with, yet another, near-hysterical finale of breathless hyperbole, but the soccerball juggernaut rolls on this summer with, not one, but two continental championships.


This side of the Atlantic the 2016 edition of the Euros is a beefed up, supersized, XXL whopper of a tournament. One which is in danger of looking more Tyson Fury

than Anthony Joshua.

And with only six teams being eliminated after the group stages we expect our Woy to be given pretty short shrift if England are one of them.


That’s not to say the Copa Centenario is any leaner. The addition of 6 CONCACAF teams to the 10 CONMEBOL stalwarts is, say the suits, a one-off celebration, but us sofa-surfers should embrace the 16 team format as it delivers a host more meaningful games.

As you’re reading our blog we know that you like to have a little wager on the football; maybe you also like picking a fantasy team but if you're like us, you probably can’t be bothered with all that business around making transfers and the like. Well, we think we’ve got some games that will be right up your boulevard. Here at i-pools we’ve created a series of super simple-to-play fantasy, predictor and tipping games for both the Euros and the Copa Centenario.


In fact for the Euros we’d go so far as to claim that i-pools will be the home to the widest range of unique real-money games available anywhere; including a £1,750 guaranteed Last Man Standing, Goalscorer and Team Pick ’Ems, classic match predictors, 5-a-side fantasy and traditional match day coupons. 


Read on for a preview of each of our pre-tournament games.


Before we start though we’ve got a couple of promotions to get stuck into. Firstly we want you to get stuck into our Daily i-pools Euros Roll Up. Starting with a crisp tenner you get to vote via Twitter on our daily wager. We’ll keep betting the bankroll throughout the tournament. If we blow out then we’ll start over with another £10. Whatever we end up with after the semi-finals will be added to the prize pot for our Final Match coupon.


Secondly for our newbies we’ll be running a special Novices' Freeroll for each round of matches. So if you’ve never won at i-pools, we’ll give you another chance (or chances) on the house, to start building up your betting balance.


We’ll start our previews with the Last Man Standing competitions.


For the Euros we’re running £2, £10 and £50 pools all with the same format: pick a team to win their game for each of the seven matchdays. We’ve stuck £250, £500 and £1,000 guarantees up so there’s a decent incentive to get stuck in as you are only allowed one entry per pool. The trick with a Last Man Standing pool is to remember you can only pick a team once in the competition so it’s best to think backwards from the final and hold back on your picks for probable finalists. Get your pick right and you’re through to the next round. Get it wrong and I’m afraid you’re on the first plane home.


This Last Man Standing format is also ready to roll on the Copa Centenario; the only difference is that there are six matchdays so why not get your picks in for both. The Copa starts with USA v Colombia in the early hours of Saturday June 4th so what are you waiting for? We’re running £2, £10 and £50 pools so pick your stake level and jump in.


Next up we’ve got three different Pick ‘Em competitions. Our Pick 6 Scorers concentrates on the action in front of goal. Assemble a crack squad of wannabe goal getters by picking one player from each of six groups. There are no other restrictions, so if you want to load up on England players (and why wouldn’t you?) then who are we to stand in your way? Points are scored for goals, assists, penalties in shootouts and also shots on goal. We’ll even award a point for each shot off target so if your picks end up doing a Fahad Khalfan we’ll chuck you a small consolation.

Then we’ve got Pick 6 Teams; for this one we’ve split the 24 teams in six pots of four and points are awarded for match wins, goals and for progression through the tournament. As a little kicker you get to pick one of 12 of the top goalscorers whose goals will boost your tally. At least two teams from pots 5 & 6 should make it into the knockout stages; can you pick the right ones?


Our trio is completed with the Pick 4 Goals Galore competition. This one’s simple enough; just select one team from each of the four pots and get 10 points for every goal the team scores. So rather than fretting over the choice of Rooney, Kane, Rashford, Sturridge or Vardy, with this game you can have them all (plus get the rest of the squad on your side too!).


For the Copa we’re also running a Pick 4 Teams competition; the format splits the 16 teams into four  pots of four and like it's Euros big brother Pick ‘Em, points are awarded for match wins, goals and for progression through the tournament. The goalscorer pick is a tough decision, as you have to decide between Messi, Aguero and Suarez or choosing one of the nine players who won’t win you the competition.


All games are run at varying stake levels from £1 through to £100 in unlimited, 10 Max and Heads Up formats. Plus for all games we keep our rake levels to an industry-leading minimum.


We’ll preview our daily coupons and match day fantasy games next week.


Lastly to get you in the mood remind yourself of how a proper legend masters the French language.



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