Errors & Exceptions

Cancelling/Voiding Pools, Questions or Entries

We may void a pool, question or entry for reasons including, but not limited to:

 - cancelled or postponed Events or elements of an Event which make the pool invalid

 - data errors where the nature of a Pool has been unacceptably distorted by a clear data or administrative error

- suspected criminal or fraudulent activity

In the unlikely event that a pool remains open to enter after the underlying event has started, whether through an error on our part or because the start time of the event was brought forward, we reserve the right to void any entries to the Pool we believe have gained an advantage by entering after the actual start time of the Event or to change a players selection(s) back to their original pre-Start Time state. If you believe this may have happened, please contact the helpdesk.

Some questions may make specific provisos about the possibility of voiding if certain criteria are not met.

We also reserve the right to void any entry that we may reasonably believe is under age or involved with any criminal and/or fraudulent activity or any entry by a User previously banned from the Website.


Cancelling/Voiding Pools

In some circumstances, a pool may be voided in its entirety. Normally this will be a result of the particular Event being cancelled or postponed for more than 24 hours. But a pool may also be voided if there is reasonable suspicion of criminal or fraudulent activity or if we are unable to satisfactorily determine the outcome of the Event itself.

In the event that a pool is voided, stakes will be refunded in full. We will always announce the reason(s) for cancelling or voiding a pool as soon as reasonably possible. If an Event is cancelled before the Start Time, all Pools relating solely to that Event will be cancelled. If the Event forms part of a larger Pool (ie it only affects one question in a pool), that pool will stand unless more than half the Events contributing to it are cancelled or postponed.

If an Event is postponed, all related pools and/or questions will normally be cancelled or voided if the Event does not go ahead within 24 hours of the original scheduled Start Time.


Errors, Omissions and Changes:

If an error is made in setting up a pool, or a question within a pool, we reserve the right to void that Pool/question if we feel the intention behind the pool/question is obscured by the error and we may correct the error in the pool/question (such as a typo for instance). However, if an error is made but it remains obvious what is intended, the pool/question will normally stand.

If the results of an event are altered or corrected after a pool is settled, the results of the pool will not be altered (first past the post principle). For instance, is a goal was originally awarded to one player and is subsequently changed to another pool, this change will not impact the results of a pool that has already been settled.


In the event of a clear error in the settlement of a pool (for example, incorrect data is used to answer a question), Prizes may be reallocatd. in order to recompense the correct winners, we reserve the right, if appropriate, to reclaim any winnings paid out to players in error.


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