Challenge pools

Most pools, which display the Challenges symbol in the Pools Lobby, allow players to create their own private Challenge Pool and invite other players, either by Username or by email to play against.

To create a Challenge pools, just click on the green “Create” button in the pool page and follow the instructions. Players should select the number of players they want in their pool, the stake they want to play for and decide if they want to allow other players to invite other players too, after they have joined themselves.

Once the pool is set up, you will have to add your own predictions/selections before inviting other players. Once this is done, you can then add private invitations by typing in usernames and/or email addresses of players you would like to invite to play in your pool. Lists of Invitees can be saved for regular use.

A player inviting another new user by email will automatically be added as a “Referrer” for their account and will be eligible for a Referrer bonus when they make a deposit.

Also, you can earn double points towards your monthly Loyalty bonus by setting up Challenge pools.

If you would like to create a Challenge pool on an event that you don't see in the Lobby, please contact us and we will add it if we can.

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